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MyFordInfo provides students, college administrators, and staff with a gateway to information from one, secure, centralized location. 

If you are a recipient of the Ford Scholars, Ford Opportunity, Ford ReStart, Ford Sons & Daughters, or Ford JumpStart Scholarship Programs, you can use this website to: 

  • Manage your profile
  • View award information (financial aid packaging)
  • Verify and track disbursement and grades history
  • Access a directory of other Ford Family Scholarship recipients
  • Review policies
  • Access forms

If you are a college administrator, you can use this website to: 

  • Access ACH form
  • Manage your profile
  • View and update award information (financial aid packaging)
  • Verify and track disbursements for posting to student accounts
  • Submit grades
  • Review policies

The Ford Family Foundation Scholarship Office | 44 Club Road, Suite 100 | Eugene, OR 97401
Toll Free: (877) 864-2872 | Local: (541) 485-6211 | Fax: (541) 485-6223
E-mail: fordscholarships@tfff.org


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